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Virtual Showroom


Demo reel of the Virtual Showroom: a Flash based online presentation and ordering system Rocketclowns developed for Waalwear kids.

The Virtual Showroom is a ‘business to business’ application, that allows agents of the Waalwear brands (in this case Barbara Farber, Cakewalk, Jottum, Dobber and Pointer) to present fashion collections in an attractive online multimedia environment. The latest update allows direct ordering from within the application.





I found some great screen-capturing software that allows high-resolution, high FPS recording. This turned out to be the only way to capture an app like this on video, as Flash still can’t produce video from scripted animations and user interaction.

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  • environment graphic design – RocketClowns
  • interface design – 0L4F
  • actionscript development – 0L4F
  • interactive video capturing – 0L4F
  • video editing – Marcus Graf
  • live model footage produced by – Maurice Dahan