“Games are basically magic. Want to walk around in a non-Euclidean maze? No problem! Want to run around wildly on a floor made of jello? Go for it!”– Ian Snyder


“The floor is Jelly” is an indie platformer game, where everything you touch is made entirely of – you guessed it – jelly. Developed for PC and Mac by Ian Snyder, the game is set to be released on January 30 2014.


With music by Disasterpiece, “The floor is Jelly” shows what happens when you bring a talented developer with a brilliant vision, a multi-platform development tool with great game development kits (Adobe Flash / AIR), and a fantastic sound designer / composer together: you get a package of pure digital joy, with a single code-base for all targeted platforms.


Check out Ian Snyder’s blog on Tumblr, that reads like a developer diary, and see this interview on IndieGames.com to find out more about “The floor is Jelly”.