Sound design

The importance of sound design is often overlooked in User Experience Design (UX). But even the simplest click-interaction sounds can drastically change the ‘feel’ of an interface.

Imagine playing a game, or watching a movie, with muted audio: it feels as if a whole dimension is missing. The experience is much more ‘remote’, much less engaging. Or even: muted 🙂

Adding quality sound design takes user experiences to new layers of immersion, touching the user on deeper subconcious emotions. Sound – including music – is always a determining factor in the atmosphere of the entire experience. Which, in turn, is what the user remembers when the experience is over.

Rocketclowns’ Olaf studied sound design, composition and sonology – the science of sound – at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague.  Sound has always been a major, differentiating factor in Rocketclowns’ work. For us, no project is complete without complimenting sound design. Atmosphere and event sounds should come together to create an auditory environment that takes the whole production to new levels of engagement.

Today, cutting edge software solutions are being employed in Rocketclowns’ studios to create complete sound designs for apps, websites, movies, theatre pieces and logos.

Audio post production, top quality Compact Disc, vinyl and web audio mastering are also possible in Rocketclowns’ studios.

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Hear some examples of commissioned sound design work and sound design experiments from Rocketclowns’ Labs below.

Of course, we recommend full-range speakers or good headphones for an optimal listening experience, but all our work is also designed to sound good on lower-spec systems.

Audio mastering for Spotify

Nilssi – High Born Voyage EP mastering

3D shoot-em-up for Submarine Den Haag

SuBmarine game

Music and video by Olaf Wempe

0L4F – Vermillion Shadows | Music & Video

Music and video by Olaf Wempe

0L4F – The First Time I Saw Your Moment | Music & video

Ednaloy (preview)

Bitch Mirror



Resa’s automutilation

Ik ook van Jou Sex Sequence



Tiny Chant