Speed and Security upgrade for WordPress


Our Speed and Security upgrade for WordPress offers just that: extra speed and security for your WordPress website!


Our Speed and Security upgrade for WordPress offers just that: extra speed and security for your WordPress website:

  • our intelligent caching engine processes static pages and posts on your site, and delivers them as prerendered, compressed files to your visitors. This results in a 3000% – 5000% speed boost. Where before your server could serve (say) 60 pages per second, our speed boost wil up this to around 3000!
  • counter brute force admin password attacks by blocking IPs after 20 failed login attempts
  • get email alerts whenever someone logs in to the admin area of your site
  • block incoming traffic by IP from a database of millions of malicious IPs
  • automatically scan your site for malware once every 12 hours
  • check your WordPress code for malware against the official WordPress repository
  • …and much more


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