Rocketclowns’ mad skillz – 10 hour package – 5% reduction


Apply Rocketclowns’ web development experience to your project!

We’ll make each hour count, adding more value to your project by the minute 🙂

Multi-hour packs are available at reduced rates, and include weekly work logs, and access to our issue tracker system.


10 hours of Rocketclowns’ mad skillz: 5% reduction off the regular price!

Rocketclowns’ skills include:

  • interactive animation for HTML5 websites
  • interactive animation and interface design for iOS and Android apps
  • multi-platform app development – one codebase for all screens
  • sound design – from games to movie score composition
  • web shop development: from scratch to live deployment
  • CMS driven HTML5 websites – from scratch to live deployment

…and lots more! Contact Rocketclowns to find out more about what’s possible.


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