RocketClowns interview creative director/photographer Maurice Dahan























What does it mean to be a creative director?

The art of looking sideways, how to make twinkles in the eye and never wait for yourself and it is the best job there is in the world.

How did it evolve for you, how did you get involved in the business?

From photographer to art director to creative director to defeat habit by originality.  A friend said to me ” you should stop making pictures and come work for me”  the next day I was heading to Texas USA to make my first campaign for Goodyear the rest is history.












What do you think a creative director needs to have in order to be a good creative director?

The ability to think. Thinking is drawing in your head, but most off all a CD should not be afraid to see what he see’s and see as it is then he can make people to see it.

What is it that you like most in the creative process?

Thinking out of the box with great minds.

Where do you find inspiration?

A person without imagination is like a teabag without hot water. My imagination is my inspiration.

Can you name some of your favorite artists/creative directors?

Helmut Newton, Baron & Baron, DJ Mike, Tom Ford, Ajax, George Lucas, Andy Warhol , Araki.

What kind of projects are interesting  for you to work on and why?

I do not feel I have wisdom enough yet to love what is ugly so I prefer all what is beautiful.












How far do you want to go when creating something?

I never miss a deadline, I do not believe in stress, to create is to live I go as far as I have to go to make the best for the moment how far is that?….you never know.

What was the best or worst project you worked on and why?

Good design is good business. All projects with paid invoices are the best. All projects with open bills are the worst.

Are you a team player or more of a loner?

I always follow my own path but enjoy company.












Can you tell us something about how ideas come to life and evolve for you?

The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes. You know that is there but sometimes its take a lot to see it

only you don’t know when what and how you will see it and when you finally see it you know immediately that it was the one who you was trying to see but can’t understand that you didn’t see it before.

What part of the process is most exciting for you?

The thinking is the most exciting of the process, but to think is not enough, you must think of something.

What do you require when working on a project what is vital to you?

Chaos!!! ” Make a decision stand behind it and create chaos” It’s the ultimate way to come to a great concept.












Who would you love working with?

Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg, Araki, Johnny Depp,  Miuccia Prada, Tadao Ando

Apple, Richard Kern, Bruce Mau, Frost, Boris Mikhailov, Fendi,  Isabelle Huppert,  David Lachapelle and many, many more.

What is a turn off or what do you like to see when working with others?

I think who needs to writes lots of words has to stop and only concentrate on the big pictures so he can see the details and discover the important bits. He who can’t do that is not the one to play with and is only looking around.

What do you do when your mind fails you, when you feel stuck if you ever do.

The moment I can not visualize a horse galloping on a tomato I have become a idiot and not suitable for the job anymore.

What would be a dream project for you and why?

Always dreaming of my own brand my own label my own everything I don’t know why but I think you can imagine it.












Where do you feel most at home on a creative level, for example places that you think are booming with creativity, is there such a place?

I need space, I need noise and I need silence its al in my head but to come to the next level the city is the place to be for me New York,  Shanghai,  Amsterdam,  London,  Paris, Cape town, Berlin, Barcelona preferable when it’s hot super hot, I hate the cold.

Is there anything else you aspire of doing in the future?

Flying to the moon!













Maurice Dahan

Thank you Maurice!