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Mystic Medusa by Olaf Hajek

You have an astrology blog and your writing style is full of fire, enthusiastic, funny and straight. What in astrology determines how one writes?

Thank you!  What determines how you write is Mercury! Mercury is Messenger of the Gods, the Trickster…so many roles. In astro, Mercury by sign, house placement and aspects to other planets indicates your communication style. Mine is in Aries – so yes fiery, enthused, needs to be amusing/amused and straight-forward.

You are a writer you also wrote a book(s) can you tell us something about that journey?

Actually, I loathe writing books…I love the immediacy, total control and now-ness of blogging. Books are amazing, obviously, but for me they end up bogged down in a lot of committee think, administrivia and having to show my working, which I hate. Why should I explain why I want to say what I want to say? It either finds an audience or it does not. But publishing – fairly enough – does not have that luxury. An idea now will be in print six months later or whatever, they have to convince booksellers etc…So my journey through books is not at all emotional or inspiring – it’s commercial…i love blogging as it’s the now and nobody (as you may have noticed) edits me.














Penelope Umbrico

How and when did you get interested in astrology?

From the very first moment I heard about it, aged 14, I was like W.T.F?!  This is incredible. I was so excited and immediately began to apply myself to learning it.

Did astrology helped you in your life in any way, how? What is it to you?

In, like, a 1000 different ways. It would take me aeons to describe. I began by looking up the “Venus signs” of boys I liked – WHAM so accurate. Then I delved into Pluto transits and psychology – O.m.g – I use it to time things, to pace myself…or not, to get a better insight into why peeps are different, obviously. I know this sounds like a toss but I write my horoscopes and just sort of write what I think but then I go back sometimes, read what I wrote and am amazed by the accuracy. It’s the most useful and practical of the “dark arts” lol.

How did you get the idea to start a blog?

Lol! It was ages ago and I was trying to impress the editor of the magazine I was writing for…i wanted her to see it and freak out at my “hits” as they were called then. It was one of those ideas you have when you’re just walking around and you go “FUQ! oh wow, oh my god, yes, this MUST Happen” and there is NO doubt in your mind…the only problem is logistics and even thosedon’t matter as you’re infused with high Qi and get-it-doneness.



























Remedios Varo

From what l have seen you are also interested in art and use great art photographs to accompany your blog, how come?

Thank you – I LOVE art – my personal fave is surrealism, esp Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington but SO Many peeps whose work is amazing
and they loved/used magic in their everyday life…it’s just not mentioned in official bios of them.
What planet/sign would you link with the arts?

All of them in different ways but Neptune is the planet that tends to be linked with visionaries whilst peeps who change culture often have strong Pluto links…more famous artists are Cancerians than any other sign but then again Leos live/breathe the Arts, maybe more often as those who faciliate…or perform?












Leonora Carrington

How do you see the future of art from an astrological point of view?

Huge! Neptune in Pisces for channelling new worlds – like shamanic art/new cinema/art for the people & Uranus in Aries for innovation + Pluto in Capricorn to break down moribund old structures. Keep your shit together, stay smart, avoid dullards and you will THRIVE in the new era. And understand; this is a new era.

Who are your favorite artists?

Everyone on my blog.

How do you feel about the internet? Does it help in making astrology more popular?

Astrology is SO ancient, you know, there are horoscopes scrawled on the sides of the pyramids – my friend the Scorpio Sex Academic recently meditated in a tomb at the base of one of the pyramids in Cairo – during the revolution, she could not get into her hotel (yes, Sagg Rising) and she saw a whole birth chart etched in to one of the bricks. But yes, internet has helped spread the word – I love that you can google knowledge that used to take weeks to get…eg; Mars square Neptune – what does it mean for a guy you’re in love with (hint – it’s a bit scary!) and you google it now and voila – heaps of posts from me (mostly) and others with superhero/notorious/literary examples, amazing comments from my awesome readers and heaps of info. This would have been impossible re-net. I adore the internet.
Are you a past or future orientated person?

The Now. But if I have to answer exactly – Future.
How can someone’s birth, time and place determine one’s character? Do you see it as something fixed or flexible?

This is like a 10,000 word question! Flexible, always. I have Mercury in Aries, for example, I can try and write cool shit on the web that occasionally gets acerbic or attracts criticism but which allows me total self-control or I can be some bitch who is mean to waitresses…Your chart shows you your cosmic dna, you decide how to work it. It’s the knowledge that is the power. It’s heaven.



























Remedios Varo

There are many skeptics around, how do you feel about that?

They’re boring. They hit on me & then seek to confound me – I confound them back with this quote from George Santayana  – Skepticism is the chastity of the intellect – which is true!
How can an astrologer predict future events in one’s life or on a world scale?

Long-long-long story! Many different cycles of time, all interlapping. eg; right now you might personally have a Jupiter transit so you’re like wow, let’s get laid, let’s do art, make some money, expand, oh my god I am in love, I’m open to new experiences, why not…? But the world is
doing Pluto in Capricorn…that’s HUGE. I call it the Zap Zone…astro economics

Why do you think people are interested in knowing about the future?

It’s usually as they want a grip on Sex (or love) and Money (or security). And most people have had some experiences with the occult or dreams that came true, they KNOW something is up, there is a more to the world than just the five senses, wonderful as they are. The word is metagnomic – beyond the five senses. the word occult just means hidden.

I see astrology in the right hands as an art form, how do you feel about that?

Anything in the right hands is an art form but YES of course…and so many artists use magic.













Sir John Dee with Queen Elizabeth I

What is the difference between astrologers of our times and ancient astrologers?

Olden times were more beholden to rulers/warlords etc and they did not have the internet! My fave ancient astrologer is John Dee Google him – amazing guy, spy to Queen Elizabeth I and her astrologer…His code name was 007 – seriously.  My other fave is Giordano Bruno honouring Giordano Bruno You HAVE to read this, will make you WAY more appreciative of how we live now…I get chills down my spine. He is like my Christ.









Giordano Bruno

How does the future look for you, where would you like to see yourself in the future?

Excellent, thank you…Basically where I am now, only amplified.
Can you look at something or someone and just know/see their astrological pattern so to speak?

Most of the time, yes.

If you look at our Rocket Clowns website for example what comes to mind from an astrological point of view?

Big site, super-now, Neptune in Pisces (From Feb 2012 to 2025 but you got a brief taste of this era from April to August, yes?) is going to be sensational for this site and the VISION…you need a designated server, yes? Neptune = myth, magic, glamor, mother of all utopias…




















Solve Sundsbo Jessica Stam

What would be the ultimate astrological tool?

To be able to get a consult whilst having ones teeth cleaned watching nature movies and with the right concentrate of dental gas and to be able to scan someones wrist to get their astro deets.
What makes one a good astrologer?

No idea, Uranus is the planet oft linked with astro and I do have Uranus strongly  placed in my chart so ME-me! Lol.















not just a label

What is your sun sign if l may ask?

Pisces! This is on the blog already!  Aqua Rising…Moon in Libra…And a Sensational 8th House – that’s the Sex, Occult and Other People’s Money sector
thank you for this, it was fun and thought provocative xxx

Mystic Medusa

Thank you Mystic :)!


  • Scorpio Sun/Rising says:

    Mystic is amazing. As we are ushered into the new age of Aquarius, other Astrologers fall by the wayside and Mystic rises like the Lotus up from the swamp. (s’compliment MM 😉 The insight and knowledge she passes on to her peeps, if heeded, can change your world… or at the very least keep you from Blue Devil Hootchie dialing and cyber stalking (you know who you are!) lol

    Really… she’s incredible and can’t wait to see her take over the world!!


  • JoannaP. says:

    LoL! yes she is indeed! well spread the word 🙂

  • Aubrey Stolp says:

    “Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.” ~ Plato

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