With our background as cutting-edge Flash content developers (if we may say so ourselves 🙂 ), you’ll probably understand why we had a hard time understanding the HTML5 buzz that has been going around the web for quite some years now.

That buzz was, in our view, mostly about things you couldn’t do on the web anymore, and about struggling to incorporate at least some of the functionality and browser compatibility that we knew before – as Flash developers.

But, we also learned that it wasn’t up to developers like us – the ones that are creating the web as we see it today and tomorrow – to have a voice in choosing the technologies that might actually help to propel the web forward. That voice is with the marketeers, the guys / girls who actually sell a product, and therefore like, and sometimes even love the word ‘buzz’.

It didn’t take long for that buzz to shut our work out from the mobile machines the marketeers are using – and so it happenend that they couldn’t even appreciate our work, even if they wanted to.

So we searched for a way that we could present our work, work that is based on a technology that we believe in for its merits alone, even when the buzz has long gone. A way to get the feeling across in HTML5, that was always present in our Flash projects. We searched for many years, and tested many options.

And now we think we’re on to something 🙂

We hope you enjoy our revamped portfolio!