Post holiday reboot!


After a refreshing holiday on the beaches of schiermonnikoog

Wonderful island in the North of Holland, without cars, and with 2KM wide beaches. You have to visit.

And Agia Pelagia in Crete, Greece

Turquoise sea at 28 degrees Celcius. Fish. Aubergine salad. Frappé coffee. Need I say more?

Rocketclowns are GO!

Rocket Clowns have rebooted, and we open our email, WhatsApp, Asana and phone lines again!

And soon we will have a lot to celebrate, because we are in the final phase of a bunch of fun and beautiful projects. That means you can expect a whole series of Rocket-powered website launches from us in the near future:

The revamped experience website of Ron Abuelo, a very nice Panama rum,

where we have applied our latest animation techniques. The traditional craft of making rum, which Ron Abuelo does in a 100% eco friendly way, comes alive in beautiful photos, videos and interactive animations.

Ron Abuelo

Edison-nominated singer Agnes Gosling

makes cross-over world music with a warm Brazilian touch. Her impressive, mostly self-written oeuvre earned a new Rocketclowns portfolio / biography website. Also with a warm Brazilian touch

Agnes Gosling

Food Truck Meister and Master Caterer Sla-gerei

gets a renewed place on the internet, provided by Rocketclowns. His unique concept, mastery in organic cuisine, and fantastic recipes are soon to be found on a deliciously refreshing, mouth-watering website.

For tenants association WOON we created a thorough and fresh restyling of their information website

Because a large part of their visitors consists of seniors, this was a nice challenge for us in interface design: unlocking a wealth of – sometimes quite complex – information in an attractive and accessible way. We think we succeeded, and this project is now in the final test phase.

New projects

Fully refreshed, we’re starting a number of exciting new projects as well. We can’t give away too many details about those, but be ready for the most beautiful photography portfolio website we’ve made so far

Rocketclowns sound design sounds better than ever

  • after mastering a number of releases for Antilounge Records (beautiful site at;)) for CD and streaming (EP’s of electronic electronics acts NilssiRowine and Marric) Olaf will do the mastering for Antilounge’s latest project Beats and Drones.
  • That will be a double-vinyl release, with beats on one record, and drones of artists from the Antilounge stable on the other. A DJ can then make his own ‘blend’ with two turntables. We can’t wait for that spectacle
  • Olaf can still be found regularly in the Red Bee by Ericsson radio studios at the Haagse Binnenhof, where he, as Project Audio Technician, facilitates live and semi-live radio and TV.

Made by Rocketclowns

During a meeting with the Haags Pop Centrum about their new ‘SuBmarine’ alternative popmusic website, they mentioned it would be fun if there was a simple, submarine themed shoot-em-up included in the site. The game should have a bizarre, surreal and submarine atmosphere, and you should be able to, you know, shoot things.

SuBmarine shooter

SuBmarine game

In memory of Roberto Perez

Roberto’s Garden

For Koole Terminals in Rotterdam, I created an interactive animation that is embedded in the homepage of their new website. The animation tells the story of the entire Koole Terminals operations in a way that invites discovery.

Engagement through animation

Koole Terminals interactive animation

Campaign website for Mexx Youth, our first commissioned 3D website uses PaperVision3D software rendering.

Everything should be XX

MEXX Youth campaign

Rocketclowns News

One of the big challenges when working with Oxygen Builder sites is client-friendly content editing

Using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Flexible Layout with Oxygen Builder

Our mobile podcast recording studio fits neatly in a backpack, and can be up and running in minutes. Our experienced sound engineers will ensure top quality recording and post processing.

Rocketclowns Mobile Podcast Studio

After a refreshing holiday on the beaches of schiermonnikoog|And Agia Pelagia in Crete, Greece|Rocketclowns are GO!

Post holiday reboot!

Our interactive web animation / sound design project ‘Roberto’s Garden‘ is an interactive web experience with quite a backstory.

Roberto’s Garden featured on

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