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Ruben L. Oppenheimer – cartoonist


Flash to HTML5

In 2008, Rocketclowns created Ruben L. Oppenheimer’s official site, in Flash. For the time, it used some rather novel techniques, such as user controlled parallax, a 2.5D environment, and ambient sound design. We were awarded another FWA ‘Site of the Day’ for it, too. Yay!

Ruben was happy with his site, and didn’t feel anything needed to change for eight years. But in 2016, some of the political cartoons that were used in the site were no longer relevant, and he contacted us for an update. We discussed if we would either update his Flash site – coded in AS2! -, or do a future-proof complete overhaul to HTML5, that would also reach mobile devices, and would be easier to keep up to date.

Ruben went for the HTML5 version, and this is the result. Both Rocketclowns and Ruben are quite proud of how it turned out! We decided to archive the 2008-version, because we still like that one a lot too. It can be found at


Web animation stack journey

Adobe Animate CC, CreateJS, HTML, css, Javascript, Greensock GSAP, WordPress.

The development of this project went through several phases. We started building in Adobe Edge Animate. When Adobe decided to discontinue Edge , we felt that we couldn’t do a truely future-proof project using Edge. We switched to pure HTML / Javascript / css.

Then, Adobe rebranded Flash Professional to Animate, and we learned that it could export to HTML5 canvas using CreateJS. We knew that this was the ideal platform for Ruben’s project. We scrapped everything we had so far and rebuilt the project in Animate. It turned out to be the right decision. Building with Animate and CreateJS is a joy, especially when combined with the GreenSock Animation Platform. And canvas’ pixel-pushing performance is actually quite amazing.

Because Ruben wanted to keep parts of the site up to date by himself – such as his work and client portfolio – we created a super user friendly WordPress environment, with our canvas animations on top.


Facebook likes

After the site’s launch, Ruben’s Facebook page exploded with awesome feedback.

Made by Rocketclowns

A campaign website where the KSU can easily post new vacancies, and visitors can apply for teaching positions directly on the site.

Recruitment campaign for primary school teachers

Working closely with his models, Arwe searches for the moment when they are ready to shed their projected self-images and show who they really are.

Richard Westerhuis photography


Campaign photography was shot on location, and most locations were shot with and without models. With this material, we figured it would be a nice effect to zap the models into the scene one by one, accompanied by a flash whiteout.

Subtractive photoshop wizardry

VLISCO Funky Grooves

Nilssi’s unique mixture of jungle, reggaeton, grime and dancehall, and bold, no nonsense production style created a nice challenge for 0L4F’s mastering skills: to maximize the impact of the sparse, but genius arrangements, where actually everything cuts through the mix.

A hard-hitting voyage through the mind of Nilssi

Nilssi – High Born Voyage EP mastering

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Touched is a forward thinking record label curated by Martin Boulton (aka Min-Y-Llan) and is is a non-profit label with a cause.

Touched Electronix TE004 – Out now

Every now and then, when we really like the outcome of one of our experiments with interactive HTML5 animation, we splash it right on the front page of our site.

Splash page archive: Januari 2016

Our Mobile Podcast Studio page has reached the top spot on Google for the search term ‘mobile podcast studio. Awesome! But how?

SEO: top ranking for our ‘Mobile Podcast Studio’ page

One of the big challenges when working with Oxygen Builder sites is client-friendly content editing

Using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Flexible Layout with Oxygen Builder

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