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Lemniscate of Continuous Improvement

Interactive animation

Using interactive animation to unravel a complex concept

The Lemniscate of Continuous Improvement is a mechanism employed by the Royal Conservatory in The Hague to continuously monitor the quality of the Conservatory programmes through internal and external measurement.

By using interactive 3D animation, the concept behind the Lemniscate, and the relations between various sources, is made transparent.


Combining JavaScript libraries for WebGL and animation

By combining JavaScript libraries for WebGL (babylon.js) with animation libraries (GreenSock Animation Platform), Rocketclowns developed an interactive animated 3D application that can run in any web browser.

The Royal Conservatory now uses this application for internal and external presentations.

Made by Rocketclowns

Rebuilding the site using current technologies, and a great opportunity to align the look and feel to other current ASTRON websites, such as and

Vacancy website for astronomy institute ASTRON

Jobs at ASTRON

Using API data to build a fresh, user friendly UI

Custom API integration

Jobs at ASTRON: integration with Recruitee API

Easy online booking for Studio Tweede Kamer customers

Studio Tweede Kamer

Building a revamped web presence for Kip Gallus’ Antilounge Records, a record label for electronic music from The Hague

Electronica record label


Rocketclowns News

Rocketclowns’ sound design division branches out and gets it’s own websiteand branding

New website for Rocketclowns sound design:

Touched is a forward thinking record label curated by Martin Boulton (aka Min-Y-Llan) and is is a non-profit label with a cause.

Touched Electronix TE004 – Out now

I recently learned about the pretty amazing JavaScript WebAudio API That’s a cool name for a Programming Interface that allows you to do all kinds of fun things with sound in your web browser.

Javascript music visualizer

Every now and then, when we really like the outcome of one of our experiments with interactive HTML5 animation, we splash it right on the front page of our site.

Splash page archive: Januari 2016

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