Lemniscate of Continuous Improvement

Royal Conservatory: Quality Culture

Interactive animation

Using interactive animation to unravel a complex concept

The Lemniscate of Continuous Improvement is a mechanism employed by the Royal Conservatory in The Hague to continuously monitor the quality of the Conservatory programmes through internal and external measurement.

By using interactive 3D animation, the concept behind the Lemniscate, and the relations between various sources, is made transparent.


Combining JavaScript libraries for WebGL and animation

By combining JavaScript libraries for WebGL (babylon.js) with animation libraries (GreenSock Animation Platform), Rocketclowns developed an interactive animated 3D application that can run in any web browser.

The Royal Conservatory now uses this application for internal and external presentations.

Made by Rocketclowns

Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing distinctive fabrics loved by African women since 1846. The specially crafted fabrics – Wax Hollandais, Super-Wax and Java – continue to be made with time-honoured methods and materials in Helmond, the Netherlands.

Campaign website for VLISCO

VLISCO Hommage á l'Art

Working closely with his models, Arwe searches for the moment when they are ready to shed their projected self-images and show who they really are.

Richard Westerhuis photography


A campaign website where the KSU can easily post new vacancies, and visitors can apply for teaching positions directly on the site.

Recruitment campaign for primary school teachers


I was invited to create a work for a mixed-media art exhibition around the hard-to-translate Dutch concept of 'verstilling'.

Algorithmic audiovisual brain holiday


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One of the big challenges when working with Oxygen Builder sites is client-friendly content editing

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Using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Flexible Layout with Oxygen Builder

Our mobile podcast recording studio fits neatly in a backpack, and can be up and running in minutes. Our experienced sound engineers will ensure top quality recording and post processing.

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Rocketclowns Mobile Podcast Studio

Touched is a forward thinking record label curated by Martin Boulton (aka Min-Y-Llan) and is is a non-profit label with a cause.

Featuring a new track by Olaf Wempe

Touched Electronix TE004 - Out now

Rocketclowns’ sound design division branches out and gets it’s own websiteand branding


New website for Rocketclowns sound design: olafwempe.com

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