Engagement through animation

Koole Terminals interactive animation

A lightweight, informative and fun animation on your website

For Koole Terminals in Rotterdam, I created an interactive animation that is embedded in the homepage of their new website. The animation tells the story of the entire Koole Terminals operations in a way that invites discovery.

The visual assets were created by cocreatie.nu. I then created the animation in pure HTML, JavaScript and CSS, without any external dependencies or frameworks - except the brilliant and tiny Greensock Animation Platform.

koole.com - driving storage forward

Made by Rocketclowns

In 2008, Rocketclowns created Ruben L. Oppenheimer’s official site, in Flash. For the time, it used some rather novel techniques, such as user controlled parallax, a 2.5D environment, and ambient sound design. The new version is a future-proof complete overhaul to HTML5, that would also reach mobile devices, and would be easier to keep up to date.

Cartoons brought to life

Ruben L. Oppenheimer

ASTRON is geared to capitalise our expertise in radio astronomy technology and astronomical research to the benefit of society. ASTRON's pursuit of cutting-edge, fundamental science, coupled with advanced observing facilities and a strong R&D enable them reach this goal.

Making discoveries in radio astronomy happen


"A voice is rarely the first ‘instrument’ that comes to mind. But in the right hands, and through steady application, a voice becomes the ultimate expression through sound. It not only breathes life into a song, it can create something familiar yet unusual and intimate."

Unique sound and interpretation'

Agnes Gosling

Just as versatile as her designs: no need to change when you go to your after-work dinner date. Or the party after that

Independent fashion design

Marcha Huskes

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