Jobs at ASTRON

Vacancy website for astronomy institute ASTRON

Brand alignment

Rebuilding Jobs at ASTRON

The old ‘Jobs at ASTRON’ vacancy website was beginning to show it’s age, and our discovery demonstrated that some of it’s components could no longer be brought up to date.

A great opportunity to rebuild the site using current technologies, and also to align the look and feel to other current ASTRON websites, such as and

By using identical frameworks across those sites, it became easy to exchange components, and quickly build a recognizable look.

Rethinking the visitor journey

Efficient user flow

When visiting a vacancy website, what would be the most efficient and user friendly user flow?

  1. establish the employer brand for first time visitors
  2. read the full text for the most recent vacancy without clicking
  3. read the other vacancy texts with one extra click
  4. apply for the vacancy with one extra click

Jobs at ASTRON is online now

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Music & video by Olaf Wempe

0L4F – The First Time I Saw Your Moment

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