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Rein Langeveld


The completely rebuilt Rocketclowns website for Rein Langeveld photography is finished and live at


We’re actually quite pleased with the result. We’ve managed to keep the user interface as unobtrusive and minimal as possible, allowing the photos to speak for themselves. Sounddesign is in the same vein, with minimal sound effects creating an atmophere of ‘otherness’ that is also present in most of Rein’s photos.

In the famous words of Albert Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Also, since we finally found some time to do a bit of studying during the holidays :'( , this is our first stand-alone project that was done entirely in ActionScript3. A major step forward for the Rocketclowns, that opens up many doors of creative possibilities in the future. And a lot of processing juice suddenly lies there for our taking: look, we’re no longer afraid of full-screen redraws at 31 FPS!