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Here, botty botty!

Because this is an ultrafresh new blog, a blog that no-one knows about (yet!) and no-one links to (but you just watch!), I’ve decided to use it for a little search engine test.

I’ve come up with a word that doesn’t exist anywhere on the web, except right here. At least, that’s what Google tells me right now.

The word is this:


Now, in theory, the Google crawlbots should soon find this blog, and then find this word in our database, and link it to this post.


I’ll keep you posted when that happens…

instant update: Google was here already. Yesterday. Impressive! So I have high hopes for my google testword to be found soon.

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  • 0L4F says:

    …hmm, 24 hours later, still nothing. Funny, because Google cached our very fist post almost the moment we published it. Seems like a bit of hit-and-miss then…