Combining 2D- and 3D engines in a single multiplatform app!


Flash keeps moving forward at an incredible pace. Now that both Starling (a hardware accelerated 2D engine) and Away3D (hardware accelerated 3D) are officially supported by Adobe, both packages get frequent updates packed with great features.


The latest update of Starling allows 2D content to be layered under – or on top of – Away3D content. This is great for 2D game GUI- or HUD components (your scoreboard for example) in a 3D gaming environment. Or, navigation elements in a 3D web experience. Both layers can now be rendered by the GPU, resulting in a dramatic increase of performance, and a much lower CPU / battery use.


And of course, like all Flash code, a single codebase can be used to target desktops, Android devices, and iOS apps.