Game Development

Game development is where all Rocketclowns’ fields of expertise come together to create an ultimate synergy: Experience Design, Art Direction, Sound Design and cutting-edge game engine development. Combined, they create an immersive gaming experience that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

With our backgroud as Experience Designers in ActionScript, the transition to game development came natural. In the last half decade, ActionScript tools have fully matured, and became more and more geared towards game development.

The Starling cross platform game engine gives us direct GPU access, while maintaining extreme flexibility and ease-of-use for quick prototyping. The Feathers UI library makes setting up game UIs a breeze. Comprehensive profiling tools like Adobe Scout combined with ten years of ActionScript development experience allow us to deliver immersive gaming experiences, both on desktops and mobile.

A flexible network of skilled engine developers, artists, 3D modellers and sound designers enables us to quicky set up teams that can be sized to any game development project.

Check out some fun experiments from Rocketclowns’ Game Development portfolio.

Both commissioned work and prototypes from Rocketclowns’ Lab can be found below:

3D shoot-em-up for Submarine Den Haag

SuBmarine game

GameJam game concept

Building worlds

Aliens in Gamlastan