creating experiences for brands and people

Web Experience Design

Creating moments of emotional engagement between people and brands.

Interaction Desgin & Animation

Well-placed animation can win over users, making interactions as fun to use as they are to design. And they speak volumes about the brand and the story.

Sound Design & Composition

Adding quality sound design – including music – takes user experiences to new layers of immersion, touching the user on deeper subconcious emotions.


Moments of engagement between people and brands .

SuBmarine game

Ruben Oppenheimer – cartoonist


Atelier Maria Lux

Round and round we go

experience design portfolio

Rocketclowns Sound Design

The most underestimated medium in UX

0L4F – Vermillion Shadows

0L4F – The First Time I Saw Your Moment

Nilssi – High Born Voyage EP mastering

SuBmarine game

Ednaloy (preview)

sound design portfolio


The ultimate synergy between art and technology

SuBmarine game

GameJam game concept

Building worlds

Aliens in Gamlastan


game development portfolio

Rocketclowns Team

Olaf Wempe

Developer | Designer | Sound Designer

I am a front-end developer, sound- and experience designer, with +10 years experience. I use Animate, HTML, CSS, AS3 and a bit of Javascript to create web and app experiences. Right now, 95% of my work is developing code for rich internet applications. As a developer, I think outside the box of webdesign standards, and aim to create an experience that visitors will remember fondly, and they’ll gladly return to.

Joanna Pavelescu

Creative Director | Designer

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