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"A voice is rarely the first ‘instrument’ that comes to mind. But in the right hands, and through steady application, a voice becomes the ultimate expression through sound. It not only breathes life into a song, it can create something familiar yet unusual and intimate."

Unique sound and interpretation'

Agnes Gosling

Donemus Publishing, publisher of contemporary classical music, has launched an advanced portal for composers built by Rocketclowns.

Publishing portal for contemporary classical composers


Abuelo has been inspiring generations since 1908. Crafting some of the world's finest aged rums takes family freedom, a respect for tradition and a fearlessness to push boundaries.

Traditional Panama rum

Ron Abuelo Netherlands

An interactive 3D animation of the Royal Conservatory's Lemniscate of Continuous Improvement: the method of continuously monitoring the quality of the conservatory programme using internal and external sources.

Lemniscate of Continuous Improvement

Royal Conservatory: Quality Culture

Supported by an audio tour produced by Rocketclowns Sound Design

'This is the House of Representatives' exhibition in Dutch Parliament building

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WordPress powers 1/3 of the web's websites, and offers a secure Content Management platform with minimal maintenance costs.

Rocketclowns are WordPress ninjas. We develop fully custom websites, where our expert WordPress knowledge allows for unlimited design freedom.

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Rocketclowns technology optimizes website loading speed, reducing visitor bounce rate and boosting search engine ranking.

Unlike most WordPress sites, our technology does not use WordPress themes. This eliminates the bloat and divception found in standard WordPress sites.

Customized content editing

Rocketclowns creates fully customized content editing experiences. Hassle-free, fool-proof and tuned to the workflow of your editors.

Unlimited possibilities

From interactive animation and sound design to streamlined eCommerce experiences, the Rocketclowns technology stack offers limitless possibilities in experience design, interaction design and visitor engagement.

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Our Mobile Podcast Studio page has reached the top spot on Google for the search term 'mobile podcast studio. Awesome! But how?

No SEO wizardry, just useful content

SEO: top ranking for our 'Mobile Podcast Studio' page

Touched is a forward thinking record label curated by Martin Boulton (aka Min-Y-Llan) and is is a non-profit label with a cause.

Featuring a new track by Olaf Wempe

Touched Electronix TE004 - Out now

Our mobile podcast recording studio fits neatly in a backpack, and can be up and running in minutes. Our experienced sound engineers will ensure top quality recording and post processing.

Record your podcast anywhere

Rocketclowns Mobile Podcast Studio

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